Green Culture

Green Practice: as we understand our responsibility towards the environment, the local community and our working force, we have implemented various policies within the hotel’s operation to ensure we are gentle on our planet.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

  • In bathrooms, bedrooms and communal, there are signs that inform customers that the sheets and towels will be changed only when requested.
  • We recycle batteries from TV controls, DVD players, CD players, A/C remote controls, electronic safes, electronic room key locks.
  • We purchase supplies in cases that can be reused, either by us or by the supplier: reuse soft drink glass bottles, beer glass bottles, grocery in plastic cases, bread delivered in wooden cases etc
  • All external light bulbs have been replaced with low energy light bulbs and timers have been installed to reduce the energy consumed in most areas of the hotel
  • We do not provide entry systems cards but ,when guests leave the rooms, we control and if necessary we shut down the lights and air conditioning .
  • Lead lights has been installed to the swimming pool facilities reduce energy consumption
  • Timers have been installed in water boilers to prevent working 24hours, but simply emphasize on peak hours
  • When possible, we send hotel leaflets in electronic way (PDF) than paper
  • Installed timer in the outdoor hydromassage to shutdown automatically at night, when closed or simply emphasize on peak hours
  • We do installed lead lights all around the property to reduce our energy consumption impact .

Purchasing local

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We always try to offer Greek local products instead of non Greek during hotel operation, renovation or recycling. They are fresher, we wrap guests in more of a Greek experience and in same cases cost less.

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