January is the coldest month of the year in the Ionian Islands, though temperatures rarely drop below 12-13 degrees C. Few if any tourists are to be seen and the locals generally take it easy, resting up in readiness for the Spring. A fair amount of rain refreshes the countryside, contributing to its greenness and irrigating the islands’ crops.

  • Average daytime temperature 14°c | 57°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 15°c | 59°f


February continues January’s work of irrigating the land and ensuring the Ionian Island’s fame for greenery is maintained. Temperatures rarely go above 15-16 degrees C though the sun often shines. Still many tavernas are closed and tourists are few and far between.

  • Average daytime temperature 15°c | 59°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 15°c | 59°f


With March comes optimism of better weather ahead. The temperature climbs a little, you can expect around 7 hours of sunshine a day and rather less rain. Shops and tavernas start setting up for the Spring and the arrival of visitors is imminent.

  • Average daytime temperature 16°c | 61°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 14°c | 57°f


April signals the real beginning of Spring. The mountainous interior of Lefkada is awash with flowers and walking in the hills is a great experience. Temperatures rise to around 20 degrees C and rainy days become rarer. A few hardy souls even head to the beaches for a dip in the sea…

  • Average daytime temperature 20°c | 68°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 17°c | 63°f


With temperatures in the low 20s and very little rain, Spring is in full pomp. The verdant, flower-strewn hills attract walkers while down on the coast locals and tourists are beginning to test out the beaches and the water. Relatively few visitors come in May, so you’ll always have lots of space to yourselves.

  • Average daytime temperature 23°c | 75°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 18°c | 64°f


June is one of our favourite months in the Ionian Islands. Daytime temperatures are in the mid-20s and it is warm enough to sit out in the evening (though maybe with a jumper). The sea is swimmable, the beaches still relatively underpopulated and all is good with the world!

  • Average daytime temperature 28°c | 82°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 22°c | 72°f


The Ionian Islands are now in real summer mode, as tourists arrive in large numbers to enjoy all this archipelago has to offer. Lefkada and Meganissi, however, are rather more off the tourist track and so you should never find them too busy. The beaches are the place to be and there are lots to choose from. Hot days and warm nights make al fresco dining de rigueur.

  • Average daytime temperature 31°c | 88°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 25°c | 77°f


August in the Ionian Islands offers everything you could hope for from a summer holiday: warm sea water, buzzing beaches and a general feel-good factor, thanks to the ever-present sunshine and the long, languorous balmy evenings. It’s the ideal weather to take to the water, so we recommend you hire a boat and get out there!

  • Average daytime temperature 32°c | 90°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 27°c | 80°f


September is a great month to visit the Ionian Islands for those who like to relax and unwind. The high summer heat recedes, though temperatures remain in the high-20s, and most families head back home, leaving even more space on the beaches. There might be a little rain though only ever a few millimetres.

  • Average daily temperature 28°c | 82°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 24°c | 75°f


October is the last month of the holiday season in the Ionian Islands and the least busy. Daytime temperatures remain in the mid-20s, though the evenings are getting cooler, falling to around 20 or a little lower at night. Some rain is to be expected but the sea is still warm and swimming is a real pleasure, especially as the beaches are nigh deserted.

  • Average daytime temperature 23°c | 73°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 22°c | 71°f


While the temperature remains in the high teens, there is a noticeable reduction in the number of hours of sunlight a day. The sea is still swimmable, at least in the first half of the month, but most of the locals are busy with the olive harvest, one of the most important annual events in the Ionian Islands.

  • Average daytime temperature 19°c | 66°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 19°c | 66°f


With the olive harvest over, the locals settle down to a winter of well-deserved rest. December is one of the coolest and wettest months of the year in the Ionian Islands and few tourists visit. Those who do, will find wonderfully empty beaches for bracing walks and excellent trekking in the mountains of Lefkada (though you will need the right clothes!).

  • Average daily temperature 16°c | 61°f
  • Approximate sea temperature 16°c | 61°f